How to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes Without Using an Iron

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes Without Using an Iron
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Picture this. You have a massive job interview this morning. You spent all night preparing, doing anything from practicing interview questions to memorizing important figures at the company. The morning of, you wake up on time and go through your daily routine. About 20 minutes before you have to leave, you go to grab the perfect shirt for the interview but there is a major problem: the shirt is full of creases and wrinkles. There’s no way the interview would go well if you wore that shirt. But it’s your lucky shirt, so of course, you have to wear it. However, have no fear. We have a couple of ways to get out wrinkles if you don’t have time to iron.

The Dryer Method

If you don’t have time to take out the ironing board, this method is extremely easy and with barely any labor involved. If you have an extra spray bottle lying around, fill it with tap water and mist the item of clothing that need to be removed of wrinkles. Afterwards, toss it in a dryer for 15 minutes on a high heat setting. The water in the clothes will steam which helps remove the wrinkles from your clothing. If you don’t have a spray bottle, try throwing a few (3-4) ice cubes, or a damp washcloth in with the clothing. This will have same effect on the clothes. Just make sure as soon as the dryer is done to either hang it up the clothes or wear it right away. This will ensure that the wrinkles won’t come back.

The Shower Method

You’ve probably heard this one before and it follows the same concept as the dryer method. First step is to hang the clothes you want to straighten in the bathroom close to the shower. Next, turn the shower on its hottest setting. You want to make sure the clothes are as close to the shower without getting wet as possible in order to ensure that steam runs through the clothes. Close the door and any other openings to keep the steam in room and after roughly 15 minutes, the wrinkles should be gone. Make sure the clothes don’t get wet while they are being steamed. If you don’t want to waste water, try doing this while you take a shower to kill two birds with one stone.

So if you forget to iron, don’t have time or don’t own the proper materials to do so, don’t worry. These quick tips will help remove even the toughest wrinkles in your clothes. And remember these tips work for almost any clothes, including Jaxon Jovie’s MOVEment denim jeans. If you want to learn more about the jeans, you can find more information on our website. You can also subscribe to earn 50% off a pair of your own.


Allen Michael
Allen Michael

Nobody needs the hassle of wrinkled clothes especially during a big day. These are great easy hacks especially, as you said, if there’s no time for ironing. I personally try the shower method since it’s efficient and you don’t have to waste water.

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