Jean Journal #1: The Bootcut Dilemma

Jean Journal #1: The Bootcut Dilemma
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If there’s one thing, we’ve learned throughout the history of Jaxon Jovie, it's that starting a business rarely goes exactly to plan. Entrepreneurship requires A LOT of flexibility as well as a couple of business pivots here and there. Recently, one of our founders, John, made a startling realization when it comes to the different types of jeans.

From Day 1, we started with a straight leg cut in mind for our men’s MOVEment denim. Straight leg jeans tend to be a little more trendy these days and the majority of people we knew wear straight leg jeans. However, eight months into the design, pattern making and production process, John was talking to a good friend about company. John detailed about why we started and the products we were coming out with.

After the conversation, John asked a simple question to his friend, “Do you think you would be interested in a pair?” In return, he received a surprising response, “Yeah dude, sounds awesome! I would, but I only wear bootcut jeans. Are you coming out with those?”

So this got John thinking about the future of Jaxon Jovie’s jeans. He decided to do some research and asked a couple of friends and a couple of random guys he met about the style of jeans they prefer. Funny enough, about half of the guys he talked to preferred bootcut jeans.

The results didn’t lie and John along with our other founder Lindsay decided that the first order of jeans needed a slight tweak. They contacted the production company to split the order down the middle: 50% straight leg and 50% bootcut. To our delight, all that required was a small pattern adjustment pay.

The best part about our new bootcut style is that none of the benefits that makes Jaxon Jovie MOVEment denim so great will be sacrificed with the change. The bootcut version still includes the same stretch and integrity in the denim, an athletic cut for thigh freedom and a dedicated cell phone pocket. In addition to bootcut and straight leg styles, we also still plan on offering two different washes: an original blue and a premium dark.

And the best part about all of this? It doesn’t matter if you are a bootcut guy or a straight leg guy, you can still earn 50% off our jeans. All you have to do is subscribe on our website in the bottom right corner and you’ll earn the discount when we launch our crowdfunding campaign this fall.


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