Zero Dollar Shave Club: Sharpen your razors for free...with your jeans?

Zero Dollar Shave Club: Sharpen your razors for free...with your jeans?
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It doesn’t matter if you use men’s or women’s razors, shaving can be an expensive expenditure. The costs can add up when purchasing shaving cream, razors and blades. Thankfully, there is a quick and easy solution to dulling blades. All that is required is some soap, an old pair of jeans and any kind of disposable blades, men’s or women’s

Step 1: Clean and dry your old razor. One way to do so is let the blades sit in soapy water. Fill a cup with dish soap and water and allow the blades to sit for 15-20 minutes occasionally spinning the razor in the water. When drying, run the razor on a cloth following the direction of the blade. This will ensure that no lint or fabric gets stuck between the blades. 

Step 2: Next up, place your old jeans on a flat surface. Then take your old razor and run it along the denim. You want to make sure you do this with the direction of the blades. This process is calling stropping. You are going to want to do this around 20 times in short quick strokes while applying light pressure.. For the best result, also perform the same motion in the reverse direction but on the same pair of jeans. This process will remove all irregularities and notches from the blades.

As simple as it sounds, this simple fix will sharpen and extend the time you can use a set of blades. Don’t forget, cleaning and drying your blades on a regular basis can also protect your razor from rapidly dulling.



Huh…interesting, thank you! :D I will give it a try and try to remember to post my results! ;)

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