Shining Your Shoes with a Banana Peel

Shining Your Shoes with a Banana Peel
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Picture this: it’s the night before your first day at a new job. You have all your clothes laid out, three different alarms set and your coffee pot automatic brewing function ready to go. But just as you get ready to hit the hay, you notice a big old scuff mark on your dress shoes. For someone who doesn’t have the proper shoe shining supplies, this situation can quickly become a nightmare. But have no fear, Jaxon Jovie has some great (and unorthodox) solutions to keep your shoes glistening all day long.

Olive or Vegetable Oil

This method is extremely easy as most people will have one of these ingredients in their kitchen. First, use a damp rag to clean off any dust that might have accumulated on the shoes. Next buff, the shoes with a few drops of either oil. Let the shoes dry off and they should look good as new!

The Banana Peel

Now don’t knock it until you try it, but using the inside of a banana peel to shine your shoes is a quick easy method to make your shoes look great. The first step is the same, clean off the dust on the shoes with a damp clean washcloth. Next, peel the banana and save it (Optional step: eat the banana for a good dose of potassium). Use the inside of the peel and buff the shoes. Once you have covered all areas, wipe away any clumps that are leftover from the peel. Your shoes should be glistening clean if you completed all these steps.

Now you have two perfect, easy solutions to keep your shoes shining without a professional kit or service. While they may seem unorthodox, they are proven to serve as quick ways to save your (shoes’) day.

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