The Fastest Way to Fold a Shirt

So you aren’t supposed to wash your jeans, but that doesn’t mean you can skip out on your other clothes. If it doesn’t smell great, it’s probably time to throw it in the washer. But easily the worst part about doing laundry is the last part: folding. Folding can be tedious and repetitive. On top of that, it can take forever. Plain and simple, it stinks (laundry pun not intended). Don’t worry, we’ve got a great way to speed up this process. Our method of folding shirts makes your lives that much easier. And if you can get it down to a habit, you’ll be able to fold a shirt in 2 seconds!

Step 1:

Spread your shirt out horizontally. The shirt should be face up with the neck to your left.

Step 2:

On the far side of the shirt, use your left hand to grab the top of the shoulder between the neck and the start of the sleeve. With your right hand, grab the shirt halfway down so your hands are parallel on the far side.

Step 3:

While continuing to pinch the shirt, cross your left hand over the right grabbing the bottom of the shirt. Next, uncross your hands while simultaneously lifting the shirt up off the table.

Step 4:

Finish folding the shirt by laying down the front side of the unfolded sleeve and placing the front of the shirt over.

There it is! The fastest and easiest way to fold a shirt. It might take a couple of tries but with a little bit of practice, we have no doubt you’ll get it down. And if you have the perfect shirt, but can’t find the right bottoms don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Sign up on our website to earn 50% off our Jaxon Jovie MOVEment jeans when we launch our crowdfunding campaign this fall.

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