How Do These Jeans Fit?

One of the most important things to look for in jeans is how they fit–we know that. So we dedicated this entire page to describing why our jeans are perfect for athletes, crossfitters, weightlifters and anyone with a body that sports thicker thighs, junk in the trunk and a slimmer waist. 

What will they fit like in the waist?

Sizing Chart

We've spent over a year testing these jeans on men and women athletes of all shapes and sizes, all ages, and all levels of sports and fitness. We've found the perfect mix of fabric stretch, integrity and quality, and a cut that allows movement in the places where you want it most, and stays put where you need it to.


Let's get right into it:

If you want to know your size in Jaxon Jovie jeans, just measure your waist at the smallest part, usually an inch or two above your belly button. For instance, if you measure at a 28, you should be a 28. If you measure at 30, you should be a 30. 

If you have a curvy figure, we made these jeans for you. We tapered the waistband so that you don't have to size up on the waist to fit your thighs and butt. So if you normally wear a size 30 to fit your legs, but it's a little loose in the waist, you will want to order a 28.  

We made our lengths a little longer for the longs, and a little shorter for the shorts just to give you options to cuff, not cuff or even show a little ankle...your choice.



Alright dudes...

Our jeans are relatively comparable to many other denim sizing, with a few major differences.

- We tapered our waistbands so that the sizes you would normally buy to fit your thighs, will also fit your waist. For instance, if you normally buy a size 32 to fit your jacked thighs, but they are loose in the waist, ours will be snug on your waist.


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