Our Story

Jaxon Jovie is an apparel company built for the motivated, athletic generation to look, feel and move better in what they wear.

How it Started

The Founders

John Timmerman & Lindsay Dillon

John and Lindsay co-founded Jaxon Jovie, and also happen to be engaged to be married August 25, 2018!

They started Jaxon Jovie to serve one of the largest communities in the world, in an area that they have been neglected in.

Fitness enthusiasts and athletes have plenty of options for training in the gym and on the field, but struggle to find great fitting clothes for the other 80% of their day. Whether it be at the office, on a date or out with friends, finding great fitting casual clothes can be tricky when your body shows the hard work you put it at the gym.

They launched Jaxon Jovie to solve this problem. Great looking clothes for hard working people.

Our process

Made In America


The cotton used to weave our denim is grown in All-American states like Texas, California, Arizona, and more. This cotton is then sent to one of the few remaining denim mills in America located in states like North California and Georgia.


The cotton is then used along with a perfect blend of high quality polyester and spandex to make our Soft Stretch Denim. This denim is then sent to our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles for the final step.


At the manufacturing facility we create various styles of jeans for proud modern athletic men and women. These jeans are made specifically for the fitness-focused, motivated individual that wants to look good, feel great, and stand proud.

The Community


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